I first discovered the wonderful treasures at Serenity Design a few years ago as I was looking to furnish my new home on LBI. I loved poking around the store looking for just the right accessories for my home. From accessories, I moved onto furniture and the design services of the owner and designer, Donna Grimes.

Donna has a very keen eye for details, designs, and styles. She chooses items for the store or for your home with ease and expertise. She incorporates your ideas and desires while guiding you to achieve the overall design you are looking for in your home.

The staff is always welcoming, friendly, and helpful and has a wealth of resources to choose from. They can easily assist you in all your choices from carpet to chandeliers and everything in between.

—Pauline Monteleone

North Beach Haven and Connecticut

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding quality and the professionalism of the work you completed on my home. Prior to being referred to you, I consulted with several other designers who were unable to meet my expectations. From the outset, your skills and dedication went above and beyond all of the competition which is why I entrusted you with improving my home interior. I could not be more delighted with the results.

I definitely recommend your services to anyone seeking home improvement. Please feel free to use this letter and give my name as a satisfied customer to any potential clients you may have.

—Melanie Fallon

We fell in love with our home in Beach Haven the minute we saw it. It reminded us of the old cedar shake houses that we pined over in Martha’s Vineyard when we vacationed there. Our house was built in the 1930’s and our intention has always been, in any remodeling, to maintain the character and architectural integrity of the house. Last year, pre Sandy, we undertook a large remodeling project. After meeting with several designers we decided to work with Donna and Debbie at Serenity Design. From the beginning, we felt that they understood our desire to retain the cottage feel of the house. Choosing furniture, fabrics and a color scheme was a very easy process. Donna and Debbie and their crew could not have been more accommodating and excited about the project and the end result was a beautiful, comfortable renovation.

Sadly, much of what was renovated was destroyed in the storm and we find ourselves recreating the work that was done last year, and then some. Donna and Debbie began immediately to reorder and recreate what was lost. In addition, they are redecorating the living room and dining room and designing a brand new kitchen, which we are very excited about. It would have been extremely easy to simply put in a standard white kitchen, which is so common, yet practical, at the shore. But going back to our mantra of maintaining the character of the house, we felt that we wanted something more rustic; something that, although modern, looked and felt like it was old. There was never a doubt in our minds that Donna and Debbie could produce the look we wanted. The plans we have are fabulous and the work should be completed in July. Although Sandy destroyed much of what had been done last year, we were fortunate that our house was intact and everything could be redone. The fact that we had Serenity to work with made what was an upsetting situation bearable. We look forward to enjoying our newly renovated home once again this summer.

—Carol Kleiner